LML Star Euro 150 automatic scooter launched in India

LML has launched the Star Euro 150 automatic scooter in India. The Star Euro 150 comes with a 150cc four stroke engine and a CVT gearbox making it the largest displacement automatic scooter in India. The Star 150’s four stroke engine outputs 9.28 Bhp of peak power and propels the scooter to a top speed of 90 Kph. The scooter is priced at Rs. 54,014 ex showroom Gujarat.

LML Star Euro 150cc Automatic Scooter 2

LML Star Euro 150cc Automatic Scooter

LML claims a 55 Kmpl mileage figure for the Star Euro 150. For a 150cc engined automatic scooter, this figure is impressive. But still, expect between 40-45 Kmpl in the real world as claimed mileage figures seldom match actual figures from real world road and traffic conditions. The scooter comes with a 7 liter fuel tank that should give it a range of around 300 kilometers before the need for a fuel stop.

Length, width, height and wheelbase dimensions of the Star Euro 150 are 1,760 mm, 695 mm, 820 mm and 1,260 mm respectively. The scooter rides on 12 inch wheels and features a ground clearance of 160 mm. With a kerb weight of 112 kilograms, the LML Star Euro 150 might not be preferred by petite women who prefer lighter scooters. The retro styling of the scooter seems designed to appeal to middle aged scooter buyers.

Features like a luggage box at front and a spare wheel mounted under the right body of the scooter makes the Star Euro 150 a solid utility scooter, a rarity in the Indian scooter market. The Star Euro 150 is equipped with a full steel body, made up of a semi-monocoque structure at the front and a tubular frame at the rear. A steel body means more sturdiness on Indian roads which are notorious for potholes and speed breakers.

While drum brakes are standard, the front wheel can be specified with a disc brake as an option. suspension involves a trailing arm at front and a monoshock at rear, similar to the set up on the Vespa LX and VX125. Compared to the Vespa LX and VX125 scooters, the Star Euro 150 is a lower priced model that comes with a fair share of retro appeal.

In due course of time, LML will introduce the Star Euro 15o in other parts of India where scooters continue to remain popular. Presently, LML sells its geared 150cc and automatic 125cc scooters only in specific parts of India. The company’s main focus remains the export markets of Europe.

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