Mahindra Two Wheelers To Go Electric



TVS Qube 2.0 Mahindra Two Wheelers To Go Electric

TVS Qube 2.0

Indians are slowly warming up to electric scooters and Mahindra Two Wheelers is all set to bump up this temperature northwards. Electric scooters are being used by most owners right now for trips around the neighborhood or for short commutes across town.

All this could change with the impending launches of a few powerful electric scooters that could provide buyers with feasible alternates to conventional two wheelers.

Mahindra Two Wheelers are indeed developing electric scooters with capacities ranging from the entry level 250W to the full works 1 KW. Mahindra Two Wheelers plans to launch these electric scooters sometime during the end of 2010.

With this latest development, Mahindra Two Wheelers is set to join current market leaders Electrotherm and TVS Motors as the third major two wheeler maker to foray into the still nascent electric scooter space.

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