Mahindra developing new 110cc automatic scooter for Auto Expo 2014 debut

Mahindra Two Wheelers is building a new 110cc automatic scooter and this product will make its debut at the 2014 Delhi Auto Expo in February next year. The scooter is codenamed G101 and will be Mahindra Two Wheelers’ fifth offering in the automatic scooter segment. Mahindra is struggling in the scooter business even though the automatic scooter sector in India has been one of the fastest growing segments of the market.

2013 Mahindra Rodeo RZ Std Automatic Scooter

2013 Mahindra Rodeo RZ Std Automatic Scooter

For example, while the scooter industry grew by about 20%, Mahindra Two Wheelers’ sales took a big hit. Mahindra Two Wheelers’ sales slipped from 79,909 scooters sold in April-November 2012, to 36,763 scooters in the same period during 2013, a big 54% dip. So, the G101 will be aimed at arresting the slide and making up volumes.

Mahindra’s sells three automatic scooters, namely the Duro, Rodeo and the SYM Flyte with the same 125cc four stroke engine. Though powerful, this engine isn’t a very fuel efficient unit. Therefore, scooter buyers move to other brands like Honda and TVS Motors, which offer more fuel efficient automatic scooters with 110cc engine. This might be the main motivation behind Mahindra’s move to add a 110cc engined scooter to its line up.

While we don’t have many details of the G101, we’re expecting Mahindra to add the newly patented car-like features of the Centuro to the new automatic scooter. These features may boost the scooter’s appeal like it did in case of the Centuro commuter bike. After the launch of the G101 automatic scooter, the next major launch for the two wheeler brand will be the Mojo 300 sportsbike.

Mahindra has been reworking the styling of the Mojo 300, which has taken more than 3 years to come to the market as the bike was first revealed in October 2010. The Mojo 300 is said to compete with the KTM Duke 390 and the Honda CBR250R. A price around 2 lakh rupees is to be expected. The Mojo will be the flagship product from Mahindra Two Wheelers, which has recently tasted some success with the feature filled Centuro commuter bike.

Source: Autocarpro

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