Mahindra TwoWheelers launches a cut price version of the Rodeo automatic scooter in India

Mahindra TwoWheelers has launched a cut price version of the Rodeo Automatic Scooter in India. The cut price version of the Rodeo is called the Rodeo Std variant and is priced at INR 45,199, a near three thousand rupee drop over the regular version of the Rodeo, which commands a price tag of INR 48,164. Mahindra will be hoping that the cut price version of the Rodeo results in better sales for this automatic scooter. To arrive at the lower price tag, Mahindra TwoWheelers has eliminated a bunch of features. The mechanicals remain untouched though. Jump right in to find out more about the cut price variant of the Rodeo.

2013 Mahindra Rodeo RZ Std Automatic Scooter

2013 Mahindra Rodeo RZ Std Automatic Scooter

The Rodeo Std variant omits no less than five features to arrive at the lower price tag. Here’s what you won’t get in the Rodeo Std 125.

* Front fuelling gets replaced and fuel filling inlet gets repositioned under the seat.

* The anti-theft locking mechanism gets replaced by a more conventional key hole.

* The underseat light has been eliminated.

* The digital instrumentation console is replaced with an analog unit. This also means that a range of interesting functions like 0-60 Kph acceleration readouts and the tachometer will not be available on the Rodeo Std.

* Finally, the Rodeo Std also dumps the mobile phone charging socket.

Bookings for the Mahindra Rodeo Std automatic scooter are now open at all Mahindra Two Wheeler dealerships across the country and many dealerships even have the new version in stock for immediate delivery. Mechanically, the Rodeo RZ Std variant retains the 125cc four stroke engine mated to a CVT automatic gearbox. The automatic scooter also retains the telescopic front forks. Known for its gimmicky but niggle prone features on both its two wheelers and four wheelers, the change in tack at Mahindra is quite interesting to say the least.

With the latest price drop, the Rodeo becomes attractive for the automatic scooter buyers. However, Rodeo Std buyers will bemoan the lack of one key feature that is now increasingly being offered on automatic scooters. Yes, we’re talking about the front fueling feature. The elimination of this key feature on the Rodeo Std version means that the inconvenience of dismounting the scooter and going through the rigmarole of opening the seat everytime for filling fuel is something that Rodeo Std buyers will have to live with. Apart from this big omission, the rest of the features won’t really be missed by automatic scooter buyers as they’re gimmicks at best.

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