Rumour: Piaggio India to launch cut price Vespa LX125 with a fiber body? [Edit Inside: Piaggio denies this rumour]

Lifestyle positioning of the Vespa LX125 automatic scooter hasn’t worked as well as Piaggio India would have hoped it will. The Vespa LX125 is a slow seller in India and Piaggio India wants to change that. While Piaggio India dropped prices of the Vespa LX125 last year, sales still haven’t picked up in big way. So, Piaggio India is said to be developing a fiber bodied version of the Vespa LX125. The usage of the fiber for the Vespa LX125’s body is expected to result in big cost savings for the scooter maker, so much so that the Vespa LX125’s price could be dropped by about 10 thousand rupees.

Edit: Piaggio India denies the rumour of a fiber bodied Vespa LX125. Here’s Piaggio India’s official statement,

Piaggio set out to create the luxury segment with the launch of the Vespa LX 125 in India in April 2012. The information on Vespa unveiling a fibre body variant and reducing price to Rs 50,000/- is untrue. We are happy to respond to any queries that may arise regarding the same.

2012 Piaggio Vespa LX125 Automatic Scooter

2013 Piaggio Vespa LX125 Automatic Scooter

So, the fiber bodied Vespa LX125 could see a price tag close to the 50,000 rupee mark, a price point that’ll finally allow the Vespa LX125 to rub shoulders with the likes of the Honda Dio and the TVS Wego.  But then again, wasn’t the Vespa LX125 launched with a certain premium appeal in mind? Well, it was but now Piaggio seems to be moving into the mass market automatic scooter segment, without too much of a consideration for the Vespa LX125’s premium positioning. Notably, the all metal monocoque body is a major selling point of the Vespa LX125 as this construction endows the scooter with a solid build and feel.

Also, the all metal monocoque body of the Vespa LX125 is also aimed at ensuring that the scooter remains rattle free even when subjected to bad roads in India. Now, if Piaggio India jumps to the fiber body brigade, it’ll be interesting to see how the automatic scooter will cope with Indian roads. Also, the usage of fiber for the Vespa LX125’s body is sure to present a challenge for Piaggio’s engineers if they plan to retain the solidity of the metal monocoque design.

The exact time frame on when Piaggio India will launch the fiber bodied Vespa LX125 and on whether the new model will replace the current metal bodied version remains unknown at this point in time. Late last year, Piaggio India announced that a disc brake equipped Vespa LX125 would be launched this year. Also, a sporty variant of the Vespa LX125 was in the pipeline. Piaggio India also plans to enter the mass market automatic scooter segment with a 125cc offering.

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