Piaggio India to launch disc brake equipped and sporty variants of the Vespa LX125 automatic scooter in 2013

Fresh from a big price drop on the Vespa LX125, Piaggio India has more plans lined up for its flagship automatic scooter offering. Later this year, the Piaggio LX125 will get a front disc brake option. Apart from the disc brake, Piaggio India also plans to launch sporty variants of the Vespa LX125. Exact details about the sporty variants of the Vespa LX125 remains unknown at this point in time. It remains to be seen whether the sporty bits include performance enhancements or whether they will be mere cosmetic embellishments.

2013 Vespa LX125 Automatic Scooter with a Two Tone Paint Job

2013 Vespa LX125 Automatic Scooter with a Two Tone Paint Job

Talking about cosmetics, many Vespa dealerships in India have begun offering dual tone paint jobs for the Vespa LX125 as an after market option. These paint jobs basically involve the swapping of body panels(exclusive of the monocoque frame) between different Vespa LX125 scooters to give the customer a two tone paint finish. The dealers are said to be charging about INR 6,000 for the two tone paint job. So, if you are interested in getting a two tone paint job for your Vespa LX125, we suggest that you get in touch with like minded folks who also want to get the two tone paint job for their Vespa LX125 automatic scooters.

A Do-It-Yourself method to get the two tone paint job on your Vespa LX125 and one that’ll help you save a bunch of money:

For instance, if two prospective/existing Vespa LX125 owners who ride/want to buy Vespa LX125 scooters in different paint finishes, they can swap body panels and achieve the two tone paint finish for a fraction of the cost that they’d otherwise have had to incur by approaching the dealer for this job.

Piaggio India plans to use the Vespa brand for its lifestyle scooters. The Italian two wheeler brand will roll out another 125cc automatic scooter for the Indian market later this year.  The Piaggio 125cc automatic scooter that’ll be launched later this year will be positioned under the Vespa LX125, as Piaggio’s entry level offering. The Piaggio 125cc automatic scooter, rumored to be the Fly 125, will take on the likes of the Suzuki Access 125 and the Honda Aviator 110 in terms of price and positioning. Piaggio India hopes to garner big numbers through its new mass market 125cc automatic scooter.

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