Rumor: Piaggio to launch an 125cc automatic scooter in India called Fly/Flyer next month?

Piaggio India building a brand new automatic scooter aimed at the mass market is something that was on the radar. However, we’re now hearing that Piaggio could launch a 125cc automatic scooter in India, as early as next month. This scooter will be distinct of the Vespa brand, which Piaggio India will continue to use for its premium product. So, Piaggio it seems wants to take a top down approach in India by first launching a premium product and then following it up with a big volume offering. This strategy has been used to very good effect by the car industry.

2012 Piaggio Fly Automatic Scooter

2012 Piaggio Fly Automatic Scooter

The 125cc scooter from Piaggio India is expected to be priced much lesser than the Vespa LX125 given that it will be targeted at big volumes for the Italian scooter brand. The Piaggio Fly/Flyer is what the 125cc scooter could be called as in the Indian market. This move from Piaggio India has the potential to ensure that its dealers are a happy bunch with enough products to sell to the prospective automatic scooter buyer due to the wider price points that two differently priced scooters will have. The Piaggio Fly/Flyer 125 could take on the likes of the Honda Aviator and the Suzuki Access 125 in terms of pricing and positioning. This also means that stuff like telescopic front forks and a front disc brake as an option could be added to the automatic scooter.

Expect sharper styling, which is a move away from the retro lines of the Vespa. Apparently, the new Piaggio scooter is already under homologation which indicates that it could be a matter of a month or two before it hits showrooms across the nation. All said, this news doesn’t come with the official sanction of Piaggio India. So, you’ve got to take this with a fistful of salt. But then again, since we do know that Piaggio India does have definitive plans of launching a mass market automatic scooter, the possibility of the Fly/Flyer 125 being launched in India over the next few months is something that is pretty strong. If launched in 2012, the Piaggio Fly could be the surprise automatic scooter launch of the year as there were no indications of two scooters being launched in a single year by Piaggio India given that only the Vespa LX125 was showcased at the 2012 Indian Auto Expo.

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