The 2013 Yamaha Ray automatic scooter gets a new “starry white” paint job


Yamaha Motor India has given the Ray Automatic Scooter a new paint job in the form of the Starry White color scheme. The 2013 Ray with the new color is available for booking across all Yamaha dealerships in India. With the addition of the white color, the Yamaha Ray is now available in no less than 7 paint shades. Apart from the white color, the Ray can be ordered in, Plush Pink, Black Star, Shining Blue, Burgundy Bliss, Pastel Purple and Grey Grandeur. Given that the Ray automatic scooter is targeted at the fairer sex, Yamaha’s =strategy of having a wide color palette is bang on the money.

2013 Yamaha Ray Automatic Scooter in Starry White Color

2013 Yamaha Ray Automatic Scooter in Starry White Color

While Yamaha has positioned the Ray, its first ever scooter offering for India, as a scooter suited to the petite dimensions of women, the scooter is bought by plenty of men too. In fact, the Ray is the second such automatic scooter in India to be aimed at women. The first scooter to do so was the Hero MotoCorp Pleasure, which like the Ray, is bought by men as well. The Ray comes with a 113cc four stroke engine that outputs a peak power of 7 Bhp while peak torque is rated at 8.5 Nm. The automatic scooter weighs in at a light 104 kilograms and comes with electric start as standard.

2013 Yamaha Ray Automatic Scooter in Starry White Color

2013 Yamaha Ray Automatic Scooter in Starry White Color

Strangely, Yamaha has omitted tubeless tyres on the Ray even as the scooter gets telescopic front forks that allow for better bad road handling. Braking duties at both ends are handled by drum brakes. The Yamaha Ray is priced at INR 46,500 ex-showroom Delhi. Yamaha has embarked upon the unique initiative of training first time women riders to ride the Ray. The company hopes that the women trained on the Ray will go on to buy the scooter, thereby boosting sales. This novel initiative was inaugurated last week by Ms Deepika Padukone, an Indian actress who is the brand ambassador for the Yamaha Motor India.

Yamaha is betting big on automatic scooters as the sales of automatic scooters in India is showing much higher growth than other two wheelers. Incidentally, the Ray has been responsible for Yamaha India’s monthly volumes improving dramatically. Meanwhile, Yamaha India will launch a new automatic scooter later this year. Unlike the Ray, the new Yamaha automatic scooter will be aimed at men, and is expected to feature larger dimensions. The new scooter is also expected to feature a more powerful 125cc four stroke engine.

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