Upcoming scooters; rivals to the Aprilia and Vespa lineup

Scooters form a core staple of the Indian two wheeler market. It’s convenient to ride about with no gear changes required. It is also light and easy to handle for both sexes. Now scooters don’t have the sportiness of its bigger displacement motorcycle siblings and some look ordinary too, before the arrival of Vespa and Aprilia.

Now there are many good looking scooters up for sale now. The Vespa lineup, Aprilia scooters, Yamaha Fascino etc prove this point and now there are a bit more coming up, some sporty too, to help in your search for that perfect scooter.

peugeot django side

1) Peugeot Django

The French manufacturer not only makes cars but also scooters. Django is named after Jean ‘Django’ Reinhardt, one of the greatest guitar players of all time. The scooter is a looker to say the least and with 24 different colour combinations to choose from, you can spec your scooter in your favourite colour combination. White walled tyres and many other chromed accessories can also be added onto the scooter.

peugeot django rear

Elegant is the right word to the describe the looks of the Django and the scooter looks big in size with a more bulbous front end. The attention to detail is nice with the optional dual paint scheme continuing onto the front wheel mud guard. Its a pretty pretty scooter. Powered by a 125cc engine, the scooter also has Peugeot’s Synchro Braking Control (SBC) or ABS will be an option too.

vespa piaggio liberty side

2) Piaggio Vespa Liberty

Piaggio has been making scooters from 1946. So the Italian outfit knows a thing or two about making good scooters. The Vespa Liberty is one born out of such thought with large 15 inch wheels at the front and 14 inchers at the rear. This made the scooter stable over the cobbled bumpy roads of Italy. Now where else can we find such two wheeler unfriendly tarmac with lots of potholes, hmm.

vespa piaggio liberty rear

So it is a no brainer for Piaggio to introduce the Liberty, a retro alternative for those who don’t prefer the sporty looks of an Aprilia SR 150. Engine options can be the 125 and 150 cc motors doing duty on other sibling scooters. Discs will do the braking duty at both front and rear as they offer a more confident stopping solution in a more handling focused scooter.

yamaha Nozza front

3) Yamaha Nozza

Yamaha wanted to offer something different in the scooter segment and it launched the Fascino. To further hammer in the point that the Japs can do stylish scooters rather than mundane ones, the Yamaha Nozza is on its way. While the Fascino was all about long lines and curves, the Nozza is a bit more muscular while retaining some retro charm.

yamaha Nozza rear

The scooter has been liberally chromed at the front and also given a band around the headlight. Body coloured rear view mirrors are also a nice touch. Powering the Nozza should be the 125 cc unit from the Fascino, though Yamaha can go for a more powerful engine in the 150 cc.

vespa gts 300 side

4) Vespa GTS

Putting a big engine on a scooter isn’t a great idea. Kinetic did it with the Blaze in 2006, when a 165 cc scooter was unheard of. It didn’t enjoy much success, one of the reasons being the fuel economy. So will a bigger engine Vespa enjoy some sales numbers? In India, we always prefer to spend more and get something in return for the money.

vespa gts 300 rear

And you are getting something big in return, a 278 cc engine outputting over 20 bhp. That’s enough to put some performance bikes to shame. Paired with gorgeous looks, it can be a good seller, in a perfect world. If only it could be priced a bit more affordably. Might interest some bikers to shift sides.

Aprilia SR 125 Motard side

6) Aprilia SR 125

With the SR 150 launched here, the smaller engined Aprilia SR 125 should also make it to India. The 125 cc engine should make the scooter more friendly with the customers as it offers more mileage and enough power to move around the city, still sporty.

Aprilia SR Motard 125

With a fibre glass body, the scooter will still be light and sprightly but has enough weight for stability. Telescopic forks and a monoshock should help with the handling while making the ride comfortable. So with a body work that’s sharp and sporty, good handling and now with a smaller engine a bit more mileage and practicality.

Piaggio Vespa Medley front

7) Piaggio Vespa Medley

It’s a new Vespa which looks a bit more modern, has big wheels, same engine options as the rest of the lineup and some decent space under the seat. Now the thing worth mentioning is the big wheels, which as you might have learned from above paragraphs, aids in stability and handling.

Piaggio Vespa Medley side

There is a ‘Start and Stop’ feature as standard to save fuel like on the Hero iSmart. And to look modern, it has LED daytime running lights.

aprilia sr max 300 front

8) Aprilia SR 300

The Italian marquee has launched itself in India with the SR 150, that is more sportier and has given handling a higher priority. So the scooter is sorted chassis wise, then why not plop a bigger engine,to make going through the twisty bits more enjoying.

aprilia sr max 300

More power never hurt anyone, so a 278 cc engine should do good on the Aprilia SR 300. It might also get adjustable suspension too. This should be the answer to those who say scooters are boring, but you won’t be seeing much of it as it whizzes past you.

honda pcx 150

9) Honda PCX 150

With changing trends in the Indian scooter market, Honda might also jump onto the sporty scooter market by launching the PCX 150 here. With a 153cc liquid cooled engine performance should be brisk. Large front discs at the front should provide confident stopping power too. CBS should be an option.

honda pcx 150 side

Front forks and a rear mono shock should provide the stability. The looks are also different from the usual offerings from Honda. An aggressive front fairing and large headlamps add a sporty touch, showing of the intentions of the scooter.

Hero Zir Red Color

10) Hero Zir

Hero’s answer to a sporty scooter, the Zir follows the same recipe as the Honda PCX 150. Will feature a 157cc single cylinder engine making close to 14 bhp, more than a Yamaha FZ. European styling is followed with a large fairing and dual headlamps.

Hero Zir

All these touches make the bike look ahead of its times, more futuristic than the current offerings. Being a Hero it will be priced competitively and offer a stiff fight in this segment.

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