Tata’s cutting edge Prima trucks unveiled at the 2010 Auto Expo

Prima Yellow Truck

Tata Prima Yellow Truck

When South Korean car and truck firm Daewoo, went under a few years ago, Tata Motors Limited was quick to seize the initiative and buy most of Daewoo’s assets. In the bargain, Tata Motors inherited the commercial vehicle division of the erstwhile Daewoo. From then until now, Tata has been selling rebranded Daewoo trucks in south Korea to great acclaim, even winning a few prestigious South Korean heavy vehicle awards for it’s truck making prowess.

India however, hasn’t really experienced the advanced technology of the rebranded Daewoo trucks barring a solitary model that Tata launched in India last year. All this is set to change with Tata Motors finally unveiling a slew of high tech trucks dubbed the Tata Prima series at the 2010 Indian Auto Expo. These trucks which were originally Daewoos a few years ago will sell in India as the Prima series of trucks. This latest salvo fired by Tata Motors is primarily to stave off the threat that Mahindra-Navistar combine poses to it’s market share.

The modern Tata Prima trucks will come in a variety of versions like trailers, haulage trucks and tippers. The cabins of the Tata Prima trucks will focus on driver comfort and safety with a host of features to ensure the same. The Tata Prima trucks also feature powerful diesel engines with the latest technological innovations like common rail diesel injection technology to generate huge power outputs of upto 560 Bhp.

The trucks also have been endurance tested for millions of real world kilometers in the harshest Indian conditions to ensure that the engine, drivetrain and the chassis copes up with the most challenging conditions the tough Indian terrain can throw at it.

Tata Motors claims that its trucks can generate a maximum of 560 bhp and carry loads of 75 tonnes, clearly beating the Mahindra-Navistar combine who promise a maximum power output of 325 bhp and a maximum load capacity of 49 tonnes.

Meanwhile, the 40-tonne model of the Prima with a 280 horsepower engine sells for for INR 21.5 Lakhs. This, when compared to Tata’s existing 40-tonne truck, which is powered by a 180 HP motor and costs INR 14.5 Lakhs, is almost 50% costlier.

That, however is the price one will have to pay for the higher technology, lower maintenance, safety and an overall better trucking experience.

Tata Prima Trucks Auto Expo 2010 Picture Gallery:

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